April 25, 2020 2 Comments Entertainment

Learn a foreign language and why you must

How are you spending your days? Doing everything that you need to? But have you ever thought about traveling? Not in these hard times when the world is still struggling out there, but virtually you can travel, and you can travel real far. How? 

It’s simple yet not easy, but possible and worth it. Learn a new language!!

So If you are someone who’d lean a bit more towards the tech side, sure go on with Java for it is robust, as we all read, but how about opening gates and your mind to a completely new world by learning a foreign language – Mandarin, German, Hindi, Arabic or French?

Did you know that about 30% of English words come from French? Spanish contains about 4,000 Arabic words. Physical contact during a conversation is completely normal when speaking Spanish. Russian was the first language spoken in outer space. Seems like there is still a lot you can know. 

If you are still not convinced, listed below are a few benefits you need to know!

1. Connections

Isn’t it all we need?  To be able to feel connected. Imagine yourself in a foreign country and knowing the local language, how easily you can reach out to people making more friendly connections and memories. Travel will be probably more fun and meaningful for you. Wouldn’t it be just amazing if you could ask comme un français – je voudrais un café s’il vous plaît ?  (I would like to have a coffee please). It brings out the kindness and understanding between the two. Have you heard the famous quote by Nelson Mandela “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

2. Professional

Being bilingual or multilingual clearly sets you apart in the crowd, especially at work. Your worth and value to the firm is higher and your assistance to your peers can tremendously increases your credibility. Your client would appreciate you a little more! This helps in building good relationships with your stakeholders. The demand for bilinguals is exponentially increasing in today’s competitive and global world.  As it helps the corporations to work beyond borders while adapting to various ways of working. Don’t forget about the additional bonus and increased salary benefits attached to it. 

3. Cognitive growth

The cognitive benefits are one of the most important aspects of this skill. The list is mind blowing, if you speak more than one language you have an improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration. Bilinguals display signs of being more flexible and creative than monolinguals. They are better multitaskers as they have a faster capacity to switch. Also knowing and using two languages reduce the chances of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s.

4. Discipline, Character & Confidence

Learning a new language makes you more disciplined and organized both in your mind and life. This skill makes you a better decision maker while being more systematic and clear-headed. You manage your time better and appreciate things a little more around you. This is well connected to the next point.

5. Enriched Psychology & Perspective

The way we look at the world is often linear, derived and inherited whereas learning new languages introduces you to new cultures which in turn expands your perspective and shifts it to the unique edges. A lot of new habits & things acquired during the process enhance your psychology. You learn new things in the positive light around the language, culture, people and country.

6. Cultures Confluence

Foreign language opens the door to the traditions, religions, arts, and history of the people associated with that language. It teaches one to respect, exchange, co-exist and appreciate these for one another. It fosters mutual understanding and empathy. It is also shown in the studies that children who have learned another language are more open and expressive towards the different cultures.

7. Multilingual or Polyglot

It is very common for someone to once know a foreign language, embark on their journey to learning few others, which makes them a polyglot. Not only it helps them communicate easily but also grasp a very good command on several other languages while understanding the roots of vocabulary and grammatical structures in a profound manner. It has been proved through research.

Make communication interesting for yourself and people around you. Au revoir! (Bye!)