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Follow this and ditch your fitness Budget

We are currently living in a world of abstract reality. Staying home bound is the new normal for most parts of the world, grappling with the Covid crises.

Amongst all the abnormality of the seemingly weird world, we have the choice to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit.

There are numerous ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying at home and without spending a single penny. YES IT IS ALL FREE !!!

Staying home should not translate into staying UNHEALTHY!

We also recognize essential workers tirelessly contributing to the society in these hard times and understand that their fitness is crucial. Shouting out to all these amazing people to take out few minutes a day for themselves and follow any fitness regime to stay healthy.

Through this post, we bring to you the best picked fitness options that are available online.


A New Zealand Bhangra community Bhangra Fit is currently running virtual easy to follow 30 min high intensity Bhangra dance sessions curated to burn a very high number of calories. These are suitable for all ages and WILL MAKE YOU LOVE WORKING OUT.

These workouts are built on high beat Bhangra songs with a lot of fun moves great for losing weight, building stamina, developing strength and improving flexibility. This 30 min session can keep you going for the whole day if this is all you have the time for.

Join this class with your whole family for an incredible bonding and learning experience.

To know about the sessions, check out the links below:

Bhangra Fit Website

Bhangra Fit Facebook Page


Woman doing peacock yoga pose

Yoga literally means union; this is the process of uniting the inner self to the cosmic world. The yogic practices are wholesome and bring both mental and physical well-being.

Asana is the physical aspect of yoga. If practiced as instructed, these can be very rewarding and in true words is “FOOD FOR THE SOUL”.

The Asana practices work like magic on your overall health. By practicing ASANAS, we can continue to enjoy physical and mental serenity.

If few minutes is all you can dedicate, we recommend doing the following asanas:

Surya Namaskar

Isha Kriya by Sadhguru



Morning fit workout of love couple at home

If you are a gym person but don’t have the equipment at home, don’t worry and thank the virtual world as there are many fitness experts who have shared some amazing workout routines that do not require any equipment. Mind you these routines are equally intensive and sweating as the gym routine you may be used to. Refer to the below links for some quick workouts.

We encourage these equipment free workouts as they are focused on using our own body strength to build a strong core and desired body type.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

She is a leading fitness global influencer who is known for her seven-minute workout series.


This is a YouTube channel run by a husband and wife with a list of workout videos specially designed for busy people looking for a quick fitness hack.

Pamela Reif

She is a German model and fitness enthusiast with more than a million followers on YouTube. 

Rebecca Louise

She made her way to an unstoppable spirit for fitness after coming out of anorexia and a state of depression at an early age. Her enthusiasm will make you complete the workout every time you try her videos.