May 26, 2020 4 Comments Wellness

Lockdown transcending our “lifestyle” forever

Reminiscing over my time with nature (My best companion).

The flip side of the on-going Pandemic, which has caused mass suffering at all levels is the significantly growing realization of the importance linked to a MINIMALIST LIFE.

All the shopping sprees, expensive jewelry, and fancy cars have proved to be rather useless. All we really need is GOOD HEALTH for our loved ones and ourselves. The time together is full of CARE, KINDNESS AND GENUINE LOVE FOR EACH OTHER.

The necessities like access to nutritious food and decent roof on our head requires fulfilling to give us a feeling of being safe and comfortable.

If the same home is built on relationships that are crooked and lack harmony, this time will cause more emotional breakdowns than physical ones.

It is so easy to distract ourselves away from cracked relationships when we have a choice to be excessively involved in unnecessary and mindless social commitments to escape from everything that has the capacity to shake our equilibrium. THERE IS NO RUNNING AWAY NOW!

We have no option but to face our own devils. All those strings left unattached are screaming for repair and rehab.

How we treat others and ourselves around us will reflect in our everyday quality of life. We can no longer smash the door and throw tantrums.

Expensive taste has no ‘real’ value in situations like these. You may otherwise shower your partner with gifts to keep them and yourself distracted but what will now count is ‘how you treat’ them. How you take care of those around you. What cashless gift can you give your partner?

I am busy living. Are you?

Lockdown can feel the most lonely, frustrating and worthless time if you are still caught up in the vicious cycle of material happiness.

Think more clearly and you will notice, the clothes you buy does not make you feel happy but the feeling you get when people around, acknowledge your efforts. It is not the travel you crave but the experience you gain from it.

Pay close attention to people you love; understand them better than ever before. Use this time to get the best out of yourself and others around you. Build back those broken frames.

World craves the love ‘money can’t buy’. Nature is in itself a big healer with a therapeutic magic. Wonders of nature are endless. It is time we get out of the boxes and spend some time every day with the real world where we belong.

Realization is happening on multiple levels. Most ignored aspects of life are the most essential to float peacefully through any tricky situation. More than 90% of our actions are asking for revision as they are mostly directed towards pleasing others and not focused on the inner being.

We are striving to strengthen our immunity when a lack of it is life threatening. This shows how we humans only work when instilled with fear and otherwise waste most of our life to maintain the so-called ‘lifestyle’.

This is inevitably a turning point of my life. I have understood that the core of happiness is not dependent on material gains but, fundamental well-being enjoyed with good health, good relationships and a decent income to fulfil necessities. Everything extra is great but does not deserve achievement at the cost of our basic well-being.

Share this with others around you, introspect and reflect. As cliché as this sounds but the fact remains that none of us is immortal and life is short. Waste your time living this life!